1.How do I authorize a person to represent me at the Canada Revenue Agency for any question relating to personal tax?


If you want to have another person represent you at the Canada Revenue Agency on any tax issues, you must give the taxpayer a copy of the tax information. The Authorization can include online access or other online access (only by phone, in person and in writing), you must also determine the level of authorization. Your consent can be completed via the Internet using the Authorize an Online Representative service under My Dossier or by mail at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/F/pbg/tf/t1013/LISEZ-MOI.html that you must send to your tax center at the Canada Revenue Agency.

2. How can I authorize a person to represent me at Revenu Québec as an individual?


You may authorize the Ministry of Revenue to disclose confidential information to a designated person (authorization) or appoint a person to represent you as an agent (power of attorney) with the Department by completing Form MR-69 Disclosure Authority, Power of Attorney or revocation

3. How to authorize a person to have access to your corporate accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency?

You may authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to disclose confidential information about your accounts to an employee or person who does not work for your business, such as your accountant. You can do so online using the My Business Account service or by mail by completing RC59, Business Consent Form.

4. How to authorize a person to represent me at Revenu Québec as a company?

By completing Form MR-69 Authorization to Disclose Information, Power of Attorney or Revocation you may authorize the Ministry of Revenue to disclose confidential information to a person you have designated (authorization) or to appoint a person to represent you as an agent Power of attorney) with the Ministère or give online authorization by the online services of Revenu Québec Clic Revenu - Entreprises.

5. What information and documents are required for the preparation of my tax return?


- Your personal information such as your name, date of birth, social insurance number, as well as your spouse and children, telephone and mailing address.
- In the case of newcomers to Canada, the date of arrival.
- All of your income tax returns for the taxation year and your spouses and children, if any, by source of income.

- for employment income - T4 and RL1 for all jobs you held during the year
- for students - T4A and RL1 
- for social assistance recipients - T5007 and RL 5
- for interest income and other - T3, T5, RL16, RL3
- any other document relating to income earned during the taxation year (eg rental income)
- all receipts for services rendered during the year
                - Federal and Provincial Notices of Assessment for the previous year
                - All documents for expenses paid or deducted by type of expense / deduction
                        - RRSP contribution receipt
                        - for tuition fees for postsecondary studies - T2202A
                        - statement for the interest paid for a student loan
                        - for the fees paid for the day care of your children - RL24

                        - for tenants, provided by the owner - RL4
                        - for landlords - property tax documents paid
                        - financial expense receipts - management fees, safety deposit boxes, and other
                        - receipts for medical and dental expenses, fees you pay for private insurance
                        - the last pay statement for you and your spouse
                        - transit tickets

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